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## What is this ?
Simple TOTP/HOTP command line
## How to install ?
To install it, simply use `gem install otp-cli`
This tool requires `zbar-tools` for QR code import and `imagemagick` for QR code display (currently no simple way to do this with pure Ruby)
## How to use it ?
Usage: otp [options] <filter>
-a, --add STRING Add secret from string
-i, --img PATH Add secret from QR code
-q, --qrcode NAME Display qrcode
To add a secret, import from a string or from a QR Code
otp -a otpauth://totp/name?secret=ASECRET
otp -i /tmp/qrcode.png
Secrets are saved onto `$HOME/.otp`. You can override location with `OTP_CONFIG` environment variable.
Supported OTP URI options are
* name (mandatory)
* secret (mandatory)
* issuer
* algorithm (default to SHA-1)
* digits (default to 6)
* period (default to 30s)
To issue a PIN
otp OTP
such OTP
595905 (25s)
PIN is automatically copied into your clipboard
If multiple OTP match your filter, you will be asked for the one to use:
otp OTP
[1] such OTP
[2] wow OTP
[3] many OTP
wow OTP
272784 (1s)
If you need to display a secret on a QR code, for example to import the OTP elsewhere
otp -q OTP