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- content_for :page_title do
= t('settings.two_factor_authentication')
= simple_form_for @confirmation, url: settings_two_factor_authentication_confirmation_path, method: :post do |f|
%p.hint= t('two_factor_authentication.instructions_html')
.qr-code!= @qrcode.as_svg(padding: 0, module_size: 4)
%p.hint= t('two_factor_authentication.manual_instructions')
%samp.qr-alternative__code= current_user.otp_secret.scan(/.{4}/).join(' ')
= f.input :code, hint: t('two_factor_authentication.code_hint'), placeholder: t('simple_form.labels.defaults.otp_attempt')
= f.button :button, t('two_factor_authentication.enable'), type: :submit