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- content_for :page_title do
= t('settings.edit_profile')
= simple_form_for @account, url: settings_profile_path, html: { method: :put } do |f|
= render 'shared/error_messages', object: @account
= f.input :display_name, placeholder: t('simple_form.labels.defaults.display_name'), hint: t('simple_form.hints.defaults.display_name', counter: "<span class=\"name-counter\">#{30 - @account.display_name.size}</span>").html_safe
= f.input :note, placeholder: t('simple_form.labels.defaults.note'), hint: t('simple_form.hints.defaults.note', counter: "<span class=\"note-counter\">#{160 - @account.note.size}</span>").html_safe
= f.input :avatar, wrapper: :with_label, hint: t('simple_form.hints.defaults.avatar')
= f.input :header, wrapper: :with_label, hint: t('simple_form.hints.defaults.header')
= f.input :locked, as: :boolean, wrapper: :with_label, hint: t('simple_form.hints.defaults.locked')
= f.button :button, t('generic.save_changes'), type: :submit