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about_hashtag_html: These are public toots tagged with <strong>#%{hashtag}</strong>. You can interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse.
about_mastodon_html: Mastodon is a social network based on open web protocols and free, open-source software. It is decentralized like e-mail.
about_this: About
administered_by: 'Administered by:'
closed_registrations: Registrations are currently closed on this instance. However! You can find a different instance to make an account on and get access to the very same network from there.
contact: Contact
contact_missing: Not set
contact_unavailable: N/A
description_headline: What is %{domain}?
domain_count_after: other instances
domain_count_before: Connected to
extended_description_html: |
<h3>A good place for rules</h3>
<p>The extended description has not been set up yet.</p>
humane_approach_body: Learning from failures of other networks, Mastodon aims to make ethical design choices to combat the misuse of social media.
humane_approach_title: A more humane approach
not_a_product_body: Mastodon is not a commercial network. No advertising, no data mining, no walled gardens. There is no central authority.
not_a_product_title: You’re a person, not a product
real_conversation_body: With 500 characters at your disposal and support for granular content and media warnings, you can express yourself the way you want to.
real_conversation_title: Built for real conversation
within_reach_body: Multiple apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms thanks to a developer-friendly API ecosystem allow you to keep up with your friends anywhere.
within_reach_title: Always within reach
generic_description: "%{domain} is one server in the network"
hosted_on: Mastodon hosted on %{domain}
learn_more: Learn more
other_instances: Instance list
source_code: Source code
status_count_after: statuses
status_count_before: Who authored
user_count_after: users
user_count_before: Home to
what_is_mastodon: What is Mastodon?
follow: Follow
followers: Followers
following: Following
media: Media
moved_html: "%{name} has moved to %{new_profile_link}:"
nothing_here: There is nothing here!
people_followed_by: People whom %{name} follows
people_who_follow: People who follow %{name}
posts: Toots
posts_with_replies: Toots and replies
remote_follow: Remote follow
reserved_username: The username is reserved
admin: Admin
moderator: Mod
unfollow: Unfollow
create: Leave note
created_msg: Moderation note successfully created!
delete: Delete
destroyed_msg: Moderation note successfully destroyed!
are_you_sure: Are you sure?
avatar: Avatar
by_domain: Domain
changed_msg: Account email successfully changed!
current_email: Current Email
label: Change Email
new_email: New Email
submit: Change Email
title: Change Email for %{username}
confirm: Confirm
confirmed: Confirmed
demote: Demote
disable: Disable
disable_two_factor_authentication: Disable 2FA
disabled: Disabled
display_name: Display name
domain: Domain
edit: Edit
email: E-mail
enable: Enable
enabled: Enabled
feed_url: Feed URL
followers: Followers
followers_url: Followers URL
follows: Follows
inbox_url: Inbox URL
ip: IP
all: All
local: Local
remote: Remote
title: Location
login_status: Login status
media_attachments: Media attachments
memorialize: Turn into memoriam
all: All
silenced: Silenced
suspended: Suspended
title: Moderation
moderation_notes: Moderation notes
most_recent_activity: Most recent activity
most_recent_ip: Most recent IP
not_subscribed: Not subscribed
alphabetic: Alphabetic
most_recent: Most recent
title: Order
outbox_url: Outbox URL
perform_full_suspension: Perform full suspension
profile_url: Profile URL
promote: Promote
protocol: Protocol
public: Public
push_subscription_expires: PuSH subscription expires
redownload: Refresh avatar
remove_avatar: Remove avatar
reset: Reset
reset_password: Reset password
resubscribe: Resubscribe
role: Permissions
admin: Administrator
moderator: Moderator
staff: Staff
user: User
salmon_url: Salmon URL
search: Search
shared_inbox_url: Shared Inbox URL
created_reports: Reports created by this account
report: report
targeted_reports: Reports made about this account
silence: Silence
statuses: Statuses
subscribe: Subscribe
title: Accounts
unconfirmed_email: Unconfirmed E-mail
undo_silenced: Undo silence
undo_suspension: Undo suspension
unsubscribe: Unsubscribe
username: Username
web: Web
assigned_to_self_report: "%{name} assigned report %{target} to themselves"
change_email_user: "%{name} changed the e-mail address of user %{target}"
confirm_user: "%{name} confirmed e-mail address of user %{target}"
create_custom_emoji: "%{name} uploaded new emoji %{target}"
create_domain_block: "%{name} blocked domain %{target}"
create_email_domain_block: "%{name} blacklisted e-mail domain %{target}"
demote_user: "%{name} demoted user %{target}"
destroy_domain_block: "%{name} unblocked domain %{target}"
destroy_email_domain_block: "%{name} whitelisted e-mail domain %{target}"
destroy_status: "%{name} removed status by %{target}"
disable_2fa_user: "%{name} disabled two factor requirement for user %{target}"
disable_custom_emoji: "%{name} disabled emoji %{target}"
disable_user: "%{name} disabled login for user %{target}"
enable_custom_emoji: "%{name} enabled emoji %{target}"
enable_user: "%{name} enabled login for user %{target}"
memorialize_account: "%{name} turned %{target}'s account into a memoriam page"
promote_user: "%{name} promoted user %{target}"
remove_avatar_user: "%{name} removed %{target}'s avatar"
reopen_report: "%{name} reopened report %{target}"
reset_password_user: "%{name} reset password of user %{target}"
resolve_report: "%{name} resolved report %{target}"
silence_account: "%{name} silenced %{target}'s account"
suspend_account: "%{name} suspended %{target}'s account"
unassigned_report: "%{name} unassigned report %{target}"
unsilence_account: "%{name} unsilenced %{target}'s account"
unsuspend_account: "%{name} unsuspended %{target}'s account"
update_custom_emoji: "%{name} updated emoji %{target}"
update_status: "%{name} updated status by %{target}"
title: Audit log
by_domain: Domain
copied_msg: Successfully created local copy of the emoji
copy: Copy
copy_failed_msg: Could not make a local copy of that emoji
created_msg: Emoji successfully created!
delete: Delete
destroyed_msg: Emojo successfully destroyed!
disable: Disable
disabled_msg: Successfully disabled that emoji
emoji: Emoji
enable: Enable
enabled_msg: Successfully enabled that emoji
image_hint: PNG up to 50KB
listed: Listed
title: Add new custom emoji
overwrite: Overwrite
shortcode: Shortcode
shortcode_hint: At least 2 characters, only alphanumeric characters and underscores
title: Custom emojis
unlisted: Unlisted
update_failed_msg: Could not update that emoji
updated_msg: Emoji successfully updated!
upload: Upload
add_new: Add new
created_msg: Domain block is now being processed
destroyed_msg: Domain block has been undone
domain: Domain
create: Create block
hint: The domain block will not prevent creation of account entries in the database, but will retroactively and automatically apply specific moderation methods on those accounts.
desc_html: "<strong>Silence</strong> will make the account's posts invisible to anyone who isn't following them. <strong>Suspend</strong> will remove all of the account's content, media, and profile data. Use <strong>None</strong> if you just want to reject media files."
noop: None
silence: Silence
suspend: Suspend
title: New domain block
reject_media: Reject media files
reject_media_hint: Removes locally stored media files and refuses to download any in the future. Irrelevant for suspensions
noop: None
silence: Silence
suspend: Suspend
severity: Severity
one: One account in the database affected
other: "%{count} accounts in the database affected"
silence: Unsilence all existing accounts from this domain
suspend: Unsuspend all existing accounts from this domain
title: Undo domain block for %{domain}
undo: Undo
title: Domain blocks
undo: Undo
add_new: Add new
created_msg: Successfully added e-mail domain to blacklist
delete: Delete
destroyed_msg: Successfully deleted e-mail domain from blacklist
domain: Domain
create: Add domain
title: New e-mail blacklist entry
title: E-mail blacklist
account_count: Known accounts
domain_name: Domain
reset: Reset
search: Search
title: Known instances
all: All
available: Available
expired: Expired
title: Filter
title: Invites
created_msg: Report note successfully created!
destroyed_msg: Report note successfully deleted!
note: note
report: report
action_taken_by: Action taken by
are_you_sure: Are you sure?
assign_to_self: Assign to me
assigned: Assigned moderator
none: None
created_at: Reported
id: ID
mark_as_resolved: Mark as resolved
mark_as_unresolved: Mark as unresolved
create: Add note
create_and_resolve: Resolve with note
create_and_unresolve: Reopen with note
delete: Delete
placeholder: Describe what actions have been taken, or any other updates to this report…
reopen: Reopen report
report: 'Report #%{id}'
report_contents: Contents
reported_account: Reported account
reported_by: Reported by
resolved: Resolved
resolved_msg: Report successfully resolved!
silence_account: Silence account
status: Status
suspend_account: Suspend account
target: Target
title: Reports
unassign: Unassign
unresolved: Unresolved
updated_at: Updated
view: View
desc_html: Counts of locally posted statuses, active users, and new registrations in weekly buckets
title: Publish aggregate statistics about user activity
desc_html: Separate multiple usernames by comma. Only local and unlocked accounts will work. Default when empty is all local admins.
title: Default follows for new users
email: Business e-mail
username: Contact username
desc_html: Displayed on the frontpage. At least 600x100px recommended. When not set, falls back to instance thumbnail
title: Hero image
desc_html: Domain names this instance has encountered in the fediverse
title: Publish list of discovered instances
desc_html: Displayed on frontpage when registrations are closed. You can use HTML tags
title: Closed registration message
desc_html: Allow anyone to delete their account
title: Open account deletion
disabled: No one
title: Allow invitations by
desc_html: Allow anyone to create an account
title: Open registration
desc_html: When toggled, it will show toots from all the known fediverse on preview. Otherwise it will only show local toots.
title: Show known fediverse on timeline preview
desc_html: Show a staff badge on a user page
title: Show staff badge
desc_html: Introductory paragraph on the frontpage and in meta tags. You can use HTML tags, in particular <code>&lt;a&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;em&gt;</code>.
title: Instance description
desc_html: A good place for your code of conduct, rules, guidelines and other things that set your instance apart. You can use HTML tags
title: Custom extended information
desc_html: You can write your own privacy policy, terms of service or other legalese. You can use HTML tags
title: Custom terms of service
site_title: Instance name
desc_html: Used for previews via OpenGraph and API. 1200x630px recommended
title: Instance thumbnail
desc_html: Display public timeline on landing page
title: Timeline preview
title: Site settings
back_to_account: Back to account page
delete: Delete
nsfw_off: Mark as not sensitive
nsfw_on: Mark as sensitive
failed_to_execute: Failed to execute
title: Media
no_media: No media
title: Account statuses
with_media: With media
callback_url: Callback URL
confirmed: Confirmed
expires_in: Expires in
last_delivery: Last delivery
title: WebSub
topic: Topic
title: Administration
body: "%{reporter} has reported %{target}"
body_remote: Someone from %{domain} has reported %{target}
subject: New report for %{instance} (#%{id})
notification_preferences: Change e-mail preferences
salutation: "%{name},"
settings: 'Change e-mail preferences: %{link}'
view: 'View:'
view_profile: View Profile
view_status: View status
created: Application successfully created
destroyed: Application successfully deleted
invalid_url: The provided URL is invalid
regenerate_token: Regenerate access token
token_regenerated: Access token successfully regenerated
warning: Be very careful with this data. Never share it with anyone!
your_token: Your access token
agreement_html: By signing up you agree to follow <a href="%{rules_path}">the rules of the instance</a> and <a href="%{terms_path}">our terms of service</a>.
change_password: Password
confirm_email: Confirm email
delete_account: Delete account
delete_account_html: If you wish to delete your account, you can <a href="%{path}">proceed here</a>. You will be asked for confirmation.
didnt_get_confirmation: Didn't receive confirmation instructions?
forgot_password: Forgot your password?
invalid_reset_password_token: Password reset token is invalid or expired. Please request a new one.
login: Log in
logout: Logout
migrate_account: Move to a different account
migrate_account_html: If you wish to redirect this account to a different one, you can <a href="%{path}">configure it here</a>.
or: or
or_log_in_with: Or log in with
cas: CAS
saml: SAML
register: Sign up
register_elsewhere: Sign up on another server
resend_confirmation: Resend confirmation instructions
reset_password: Reset password
security: Security
set_new_password: Set new password
already_following: You are already following this account
error: Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account
follow: Follow
follow_request: 'You have sent a follow request to:'
following: 'Success! You are now following:'
close: Or, you can just close this window.
return: Return to the user's profile
web: Go to web
title: Follow %{acct}
about_x_hours: "%{count}h"
about_x_months: "%{count}mo"
about_x_years: "%{count}y"
almost_x_years: "%{count}y"
half_a_minute: Just now
less_than_x_minutes: "%{count}m"
less_than_x_seconds: Just now
over_x_years: "%{count}y"
x_days: "%{count}d"
x_minutes: "%{count}m"
x_months: "%{count}mo"
x_seconds: "%{count}s"
bad_password_msg: Nice try, hackers! Incorrect password
confirm_password: Enter your current password to verify your identity
description_html: This will <strong>permanently, irreversibly</strong> remove content from your account and deactivate it. Your username will remain reserved to prevent future impersonations.
proceed: Delete account
success_msg: Your account was successfully deleted
warning_html: Only deletion of content from this particular instance is guaranteed. Content that has been widely shared is likely to leave traces. Offline servers and servers that have unsubscribed from your updates will not update their databases.
warning_title: Disseminated content availability
'403': You don't have permission to view this page.
'404': The page you were looking for doesn't exist.
'410': The page you were looking for doesn't exist anymore.
content: Security verification failed. Are you blocking cookies?
title: Security verification failed
'429': Throttled
content: We're sorry, but something went wrong on our end.
title: This page is not correct
noscript_html: To use the Mastodon web application, please enable JavaScript. Alternatively, try one of the <a href="">native apps</a> for Mastodon for your platform.
date: Date
download: Download your archive
hint_html: You can request an archive of your <strong>toots and uploaded media</strong>. The exported data will be in ActivityPub format, readable by any compliant software. You can request an archive every 7 days.
in_progress: Compiling your archive...
request: Request your archive
size: Size
blocks: You block
csv: CSV
follows: You follow
mutes: You mute
storage: Media storage
domain: Domain
explanation_html: If you want to ensure the privacy of your statuses, you must be aware of who is following you. <strong>Your private statuses are delivered to all instances where you have followers</strong>. You may wish to review them, and remove followers if you do not trust your privacy to be respected by the staff or software of those instances.
followers_count: Number of followers
lock_link: Lock your account
purge: Remove from followers
one: In the process of soft-blocking followers from one domain...
other: In the process of soft-blocking followers from %{count} domains...
true_privacy_html: Please mind that <strong>true privacy can only be achieved with end-to-end encryption</strong>.
unlocked_warning_html: Anyone can follow you to immediately view your private statuses. %{lock_link} to be able to review and reject followers.
unlocked_warning_title: Your account is not locked
changes_saved_msg: Changes successfully saved!
powered_by: powered by %{link}
save_changes: Save changes
one: Something isn't quite right yet! Please review the error below
other: Something isn't quite right yet! Please review %{count} errors below
preface: You can import data that you have exported from another instance, such as a list of the people you are following or blocking.
success: Your data was successfully uploaded and will now be processed in due time
blocking: Blocking list
following: Following list
muting: Muting list
upload: Upload
in_memoriam_html: In Memoriam.
delete: Deactivate
expired: Expired
'1800': 30 minutes
'21600': 6 hours
'3600': 1 hour
'43200': 12 hours
'604800': 1 week
'86400': 1 day
expires_in_prompt: Never
generate: Generate
one: 1 use
other: "%{count} uses"
max_uses_prompt: No limit
prompt: Generate and share links with others to grant access to this instance
expires_at: Expires
uses: Uses
title: Invite people
landing_strip_html: "<strong>%{name}</strong> is a user on %{link_to_root_path}. You can follow them or interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse."
landing_strip_signup_html: If you don't, you can <a href="%{sign_up_path}">sign up here</a>.
limit: You have reached the maximum amount of lists
images_and_video: Cannot attach a video to a status that already contains images
too_many: Cannot attach more than 4 files
acct: username@domain of the new account
currently_redirecting: 'Your profile is set to redirect to:'
proceed: Save
updated_msg: Your account migration setting successfully updated!
title: Moderation
action: View all notifications
body: Here is a brief summary of the messages you missed since your last visit on %{since}
mention: "%{name} mentioned you in:"
one: Also, you have acquired one new follower while being away! Yay!
other: Also, you have acquired %{count} new followers while being away! Amazing!
one: "1 new notification since your last visit \U0001F418"
other: "%{count} new notifications since your last visit \U0001F418"
title: In your absence…
body: 'Your status was favourited by %{name}:'
subject: "%{name} favourited your status"
title: New favourite
body: "%{name} is now following you!"
subject: "%{name} is now following you"
title: New follower
action: Manage follow requests
body: "%{name} has requested to follow you"
subject: 'Pending follower: %{name}'
title: New follow request
action: Reply
body: 'You were mentioned by %{name} in:'
subject: You were mentioned by %{name}
title: New mention
body: 'Your status was boosted by %{name}:'
subject: "%{name} boosted your status"
title: New boost
format: "%n%u"
billion: B
million: M
quadrillion: Q
thousand: K
trillion: T
unit: ''
newer: Newer
next: Next
older: Older
prev: Prev
truncate: "&hellip;"
languages: Languages
other: Other
publishing: Publishing
web: Web
title: "%{name} favourited your status"
title: "%{name} is now following you"
title: "%{count} notifications"
action_boost: Boost
action_expand: Show more
action_favourite: Favourite
title: "%{name} mentioned you"
title: "%{name} boosted your status"
acct: Enter your username@domain you want to follow from
missing_resource: Could not find the required redirect URL for your account
proceed: Proceed to follow
prompt: 'You are going to follow:'
error: Error
title: Title
unfollowed: Unfollowed
activity: Last activity
browser: Browser
alipay: Alipay
blackberry: Blackberry
chrome: Chrome
edge: Microsoft Edge
electron: Electron
firefox: Firefox
generic: Unknown browser
ie: Internet Explorer
micro_messenger: MicroMessenger
nokia: Nokia S40 Ovi Browser
opera: Opera
otter: Otter
phantom_js: PhantomJS
qq: QQ Browser
safari: Safari
uc_browser: UCBrowser
weibo: Weibo
current_session: Current session
description: "%{browser} on %{platform}"
explanation: These are the web browsers currently logged in to your Mastodon account.
ip: IP
adobe_air: Adobe Air
android: Android
blackberry: Blackberry
chrome_os: ChromeOS
firefox_os: Firefox OS
ios: iOS
linux: Linux
mac: Mac
other: unknown platform
windows: Windows
windows_mobile: Windows Mobile
windows_phone: Windows Phone
revoke: Revoke
revoke_success: Session successfully revoked
title: Sessions
authorized_apps: Authorized apps
back: Back to Mastodon
delete: Account deletion
development: Development
edit_profile: Edit profile
export: Data export
followers: Authorized followers
import: Import
migrate: Account migration
notifications: Notifications
preferences: Preferences
settings: Settings
two_factor_authentication: Two-factor Auth
your_apps: Your applications
description: 'Attached: %{attached}'
one: "%{count} image"
other: "%{count} images"
one: "%{count} video"
other: "%{count} videos"
content_warning: 'Content warning: %{warning}'
one: 'contained a disallowed hashtag: %{tags}'
other: 'contained the disallowed hashtags: %{tags}'
open_in_web: Open in web
over_character_limit: character limit of %{max} exceeded
limit: You have already pinned the maximum number of toots
ownership: Someone else's toot cannot be pinned
private: Non-public toot cannot be pinned
reblog: A boost cannot be pinned
show_more: Show more
title: '%{name}: "%{quote}"'
private: Followers-only
private_long: Only show to followers
public: Public
public_long: Everyone can see
unlisted: Unlisted
unlisted_long: Everyone can see, but not listed on public timelines
click_to_show: Click to show
pinned: Pinned toot
reblogged: boosted
sensitive_content: Sensitive content
body_html: |
<h2>Privacy Policy</h2>
<h3 id="collect">What information do we collect?</h3>
<li><em>Basic account information</em>: If you register on this server, you may be asked to enter a username, an e-mail address and a password. You may also enter additional profile information such as a display name and biography, and upload a profile picture and header image. The username, display name, biography, profile picture and header image are always listed publicly.</li>
<li><em>Posts, following and other public information</em>: The list of people you follow is listed publicly, the same is true for your followers. When you submit a message, the date and time is stored as well as the application you submitted the message from. Messages may contain media attachments, such as pictures and videos. Public and unlisted posts are available publicly. When you feature a post on your profile, that is also publicly available information. Your posts are delivered to your followers, in some cases it means they are delivered to different servers and copies are stored there. When you delete posts, this is likewise delivered to your followers. The action of reblogging or favouriting another post is always public.</li>
<li><em>Direct and followers-only posts</em>: All posts are stored and processed on the server. Followers-only posts are delivered to your followers and users who are mentioned in them, and direct posts are delivered only to users mentioned in them. In some cases it means they are delivered to different servers and copies are stored there. We make a good faith effort to limit the access to those posts only to authorized persons, but other servers may fail to do so. Therefore it's important to review servers your followers belong to. You may toggle an option to approve and reject new followers manually in the settings. <em>Please keep in mind that the operators of the server and any receiving server may view such messages</em>, and that recipients may screenshot, copy or otherwise re-share them. <em>Do not share any dangerous information over Mastodon.</em></li>
<li><em>IPs and other metadata</em>: When you log in, we record the IP address you log in from, as well as the name of your browser application. All the logged in sessions are available for your review and revocation in the settings. The latest IP address used is stored for up to 12 months. We also may retain server logs which include the IP address of every request to our server.</li>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="use">What do we use your information for?</h3>
<p>Any of the information we collect from you may be used in the following ways:</p>
<li>To provide the core functionality of Mastodon. You can only interact with other people's content and post your own content when you are logged in. For example, you may follow other people to view their combined posts in your own personalized home timeline.</li>
<li>To aid moderation of the community, for example comparing your IP address with other known ones to determine ban evasion or other violations.</li>
<li>The email address you provide may be used to send you information, notifications about other people interacting with your content or sending you messages, and to respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.</li>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="protect">How do we protect your information?</h3>
<p>We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you enter, submit, or access your personal information. Among other things, your browser session, as well as the traffic between your applications and the API, are secured with SSL, and your password is hashed using a strong one-way algorithm. You may enable two-factor authentication to further secure access to your account.</p>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="data-retention">What is our data retention policy?</h3>
<p>We will make a good faith effort to:</p>
<li>Retain server logs containing the IP address of all requests to this server, in so far as such logs are kept, no more than 90 days.</li>
<li>Retain the IP addresses associated with registered users no more than 12 months.</li>
<p>You can request and download an archive of your content, including your posts, media attachments, profile picture, and header image.</p>
<p>You may irreversibly delete your account at any time.</p>
<hr class="spacer"/>
<h3 id="cookies">Do we use cookies?</h3>
<p>Yes. Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow). These cookies enable the site to recognize your browser and, if you have a registered account, associate it with your registered account.</p>
<p>We use cookies to understand and save your preferences for future visits.</p>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="disclose">Do we disclose any information to outside parties?</h3>
<p>We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our site, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.</p>
<p>Your public content may be downloaded by other servers in the network. Your public and followers-only posts are delivered to the servers where your followers reside, and direct messages are delivered to the servers of the recipients, in so far as those followers or recipients reside on a different server than this.</p>
<p>When you authorize an application to use your account, depending on the scope of permissions you approve, it may access your public profile information, your following list, your followers, your lists, all your posts, and your favourites. Applications can never access your e-mail address or password.</p>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="coppa">Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance</h3>
<p>Our site, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old. If this server is in the USA, and you are under the age of 13, per the requirements of COPPA (<a href="">Children's Online Privacy Protection Act</a>) do not use this site.</p>
<hr class="spacer" />
<h3 id="changes">Changes to our Privacy Policy</h3>
<p>If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.</p>
<p>This document is CC-BY-SA. It was last updated March 7, 2018.</p>
<p>Originally adapted from the <a href="">Discourse privacy policy</a>.</p>
title: "%{instance} Terms of Service and Privacy Policy"
contrast: High contrast
default: Mastodon
default: "%b %d, %Y, %H:%M"
code_hint: Enter the code generated by your authenticator app to confirm
description_html: If you enable <strong>two-factor authentication</strong>, logging in will require you to be in possession of your phone, which will generate tokens for you to enter.
disable: Disable
enable: Enable
enabled: Two-factor authentication is enabled
enabled_success: Two-factor authentication successfully enabled
generate_recovery_codes: Generate recovery codes
instructions_html: "<strong>Scan this QR code into Google Authenticator or a similiar TOTP app on your phone</strong>. From now on, that app will generate tokens that you will have to enter when logging in."
lost_recovery_codes: Recovery codes allow you to regain access to your account if you lose your phone. If you've lost your recovery codes, you can regenerate them here. Your old recovery codes will be invalidated.
manual_instructions: 'If you can''t scan the QR code and need to enter it manually, here is the plain-text secret:'
recovery_codes: Backup recovery codes
recovery_codes_regenerated: Recovery codes successfully regenerated
recovery_instructions_html: If you ever lose access to your phone, you can use one of the recovery codes below to regain access to your account. <strong>Keep the recovery codes safe</strong>. For example, you may print them and store them with other important documents.
setup: Set up
wrong_code: The entered code was invalid! Are server time and device time correct?
explanation: You requested a full backup of your Mastodon account. It's now ready for download!
subject: Your archive is ready for download
title: Archive takeout
edit_profile_action: Setup profile
edit_profile_step: You can customize your profile by uploading an avatar, header, changing your display name and more. If you’d like to review new followers before they’re allowed to follow you, you can lock your account.
explanation: Here are some tips to get you started
final_action: Start posting
final_step: 'Start posting! Even without followers your public messages may be seen by others, for example on the local timeline and in hashtags. You may want to introduce yourself on the #introductions hashtag.'
full_handle: Your full handle
full_handle_hint: This is what you would tell your friends so they can message or follow you from another instance.
review_preferences_action: Change preferences
review_preferences_step: Make sure to set your preferences, such as which emails you'd like to receive, or what privacy level you’d like your posts to default to. If you don’t have motion sickness, you could choose to enable GIF autoplay.
subject: Welcome to Mastodon
tip_bridge_html: If you are coming from Twitter, you can find your friends on Mastodon by using the <a href="%{bridge_url}">bridge app</a>. It only works if they also used the bridge app though!
tip_federated_timeline: The federated timeline is a firehose view of the Mastodon network. But it only includes people your neighbours are subscribed to, so it's not complete.
tip_following: You follow your server's admin(s) by default. To find more interesting people, check the local and federated timelines.
tip_local_timeline: The local timeline is a firehose view of people on %{instance}. These are your immediate neighbours!
tip_mobile_webapp: If your mobile browser offers you to add Mastodon to your homescreen, you can receive push notifications. It acts like a native app in many ways!
tips: Tips
title: Welcome aboard, %{name}!
invalid_email: The e-mail address is invalid
invalid_otp_token: Invalid two-factor code
otp_lost_help_html: If you lost access to both, you may get in touch with %{email}
seamless_external_login: You are logged in via an external service, so password and e-mail settings are not available.
signed_in_as: 'Signed in as:'