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MIYAGI Hikaru 919eef3098 User agent for WebFinger (#7531) 4 years ago
active_model_serializers.rb Add recursive object support to API response (#4095) 5 years ago
application_controller_renderer.rb Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago
assets.rb HTML e-mails for UserMailer (#6256) 5 years ago
backtrace_silencers.rb Initial commit 7 years ago
blacklists.rb Quick best practice cleanup of views/helpers (#1546) 5 years ago
chewy.rb Fix #6509: Use pull queue for chewy jobs (#6513) 5 years ago
content_security_policy.rb Upgrade Rails to version 5.2.0 (#5898) 4 years ago
cookies_serializer.rb Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago
cors.rb Upgrade Rails to version 5.2.0 (#5898) 4 years ago
devise.rb Add LDAP_TLS_NO_VERIFY option, don't require LDAP_ENABLED outside .env (#6845) 4 years ago
doorkeeper.rb Add REST API for Web Push Notifications subscriptions (#7445) 4 years ago
fast_blank.rb fix can toot whitespace (#2218) 5 years ago
filter_parameter_logging.rb Added optional two-factor authentication 6 years ago
http_client_proxy.rb User agent for WebFinger (#7531) 4 years ago
httplog.rb Version bumps for ruby and misc gems (#1159) 5 years ago
inflections.rb Add ActivityPub inbox (#4216) 5 years ago
instrumentation.rb Improve StatsD instrumentation 6 years ago
kaminari_config.rb adjust public profile pages 2 (#5223) 5 years ago
mime_types.rb Set correct content-type for ActivityPub JSON (#4592) 5 years ago
oj.rb Remove rabl dependency (#5894) 5 years ago
omniauth.rb Add additional first_name and last_name SAML attribute statement options, and modify Omniauthable concern to use full_name or first_name + last_name if not available (#6669) 5 years ago
open_uri_redirection.rb Federate header images, fix open-uri http->https redirection error 5 years ago
ostatus.rb enforce LOCAL_HTTPS=true in production (#6061) 5 years ago
pagination.rb Pagination improvements (#1445) 5 years ago
paperclip.rb Improve OpenStack v3 compatibility (#7392) 4 years ago
premailer_rails.rb HTML e-mails for UserMailer (#6256) 5 years ago
rack_attack.rb Add a missing question mark in rack_attack.rb (#7338) 4 years ago
rack_attack_logging.rb Log rate limit hits (#7096) 4 years ago
redis.rb Set config.cache_store in environments file. (#3219) 5 years ago
session_activations.rb Revocable sessions (#3616) 5 years ago
session_store.rb Fix enforce HTTPS in production. (#6180) 5 years ago
sidekiq.rb Use RAILS_LOG_LEVEL to set log level of Sidekiq, too (#7079) 4 years ago
simple_form.rb Improve UI of admin site settings (#4163) 5 years ago
single_user_mode.rb Add single user mode 6 years ago
statsd.rb Allow specifying STATSD_NAMESPACE (#5700) 5 years ago
stoplight.rb Add a circuit breaker for ActivityPub deliveries (#7053) 4 years ago
strong_migrations.rb Fix migration failure due to StrongMigrations on production env (#5283) 5 years ago
suppress_csrf_warnings.rb Suppress CSRF token warnings (#6240) 5 years ago
timeout.rb Add proper error page for request timeouts 5 years ago
trusted_proxies.rb Fix error 6 years ago
twitter_regex.rb Fix URLs incorrectly having trailing hyphen removed (#6465) 5 years ago
vapid.rb Add Rake task for generate VAPID key (#4195) 5 years ago
wrap_parameters.rb Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago