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Eugen Rochko 4d81809f36
Yeah, it was supposed to be #create?
4 years ago
chewy Full-text search for authorized statuses (#6423) 4 years ago
controllers Yeah, it was supposed to be #create? 4 years ago
helpers Fix double-encoding of display name in title and e-mails (#7534) 4 years ago
javascript Remove unneeded code now that attachment URL isn't appended to toots (#7593) 4 years ago
lib Resolve unknown status from Add activity, skip Remove if unknown (#7526) 4 years ago
mailers Account archive download (#6460) 4 years ago
models Ensure push subscription is immediately removed when application is revoked (#7548) 4 years ago
policies Fix n+1 queries in StatusThreadingConcern (#7321) 4 years ago
presenters Better pagination for ActivityPub outbox (#7356) 4 years ago
serializers Do not encode HTML entities in initial Web Push payload body (#7592) 4 years ago
services Use #any? instead of #exists? when checking media attachments (#7570) 4 years ago
validators Implement the ability for instances to define a list of disallowed hashtags (#7176) 4 years ago
views Display only domain of report account if remote under comment (#7574) 4 years ago
workers checking http status code with range (#7544) 4 years ago