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Docker environment development

This docker-compose sets up a fully working development environment with many well-used dev-oriented and usefull troubleshooting tools.


Just start all the tools with docker-compose up!

Provided tools

Service Host web access Host access Guest access Credentials
traefik http://traefik.localhost/
redis localhost:6379 redis:6379
memcached localhost:11211 memcached:11211
postgresql localhost:5432 postgres:5432 postgres // postgres
pgadmin http://pg.localhost/ admin@localhost // admin
mariadb localhost:3306 mariadb:3306 root // mariadb
phpmyadmin http://pma.localhost/
ldap localhost:389 ldap:389
phpldapadmin http://pla.localhost/
mailhog http://mailhog.localhost/ localhost:1025 mailhog:1025
matomo http://matomo.localhost/ http://matomo/
sentry http://sentry.localhost/ http://sentry:9000/


Traefik is a docker oriented reverse-proxy, used to exposed internal docker web services to localhost on the host.

It's available on http://traefik.localhost/


Redis is an in-memory data store.

It's available on standard localhost:6379 from the host and redis:6379 on guests. There is no default password.

Config file is available on ./redis/redis.conf and persisted data on ./volumes/redis/.


Memcached is an in-memory cache system.

It's available on standard localhost:11211 from the host and memcached:11211 on guests.


PostgreSQL is the DBMS to use by default.

It's available on standard localhost:5432 from the host and postgres:5432 on guests.

Default root password is postgres.

Persisted data are on ./volumes/postgres/.

MariaDB / MySQL

MariaDB is another DBMS in case you can't use PostgreSQL.

It's available on standard localhost:3306 from the host and mariadb:3306 from guests.

Default root password is mariadb.

Persisted data are on ./volumes/mariadb/.


pgAdmin is a web application to browse PostgreSQL.

It's available on http://pg.localhost/.

Default credentials are admin@localhost with password admin.


phpMyAdmin is a web application to browse MariaDB.

It's available on http://pma.localhost/.


phpLDAPadmin is a web application to browse LDAP.

It's available on http://pla.localhost/.


MailHog is a SMTP mail catcher and a web application to read catched email.

It's available on http://mailhog.localhost/ from the host and can receive email with SMTP on localhost:1025 from the host and mailhog:1025 from guests.


Sentry is a system to record uncatched error from your code.

It's available on http://sentry.localhost/ from the host and on http://sentry:9000/ from guests.

Persisted data are on ./volumes/sentry/.


Matomo is a GPDR compliant analytics system.

It's available on http://matomo.localhost/ from the host and on http://matomo/ from guests.

Persisted data are on ./volumes/matomo/.

Initial setup


Initially, Sentry must be provisionned as follow:

docker-compose up -d sentry
docker-compose exec sentry sentry config generate-secret-key
echo 'SENTRY_SECRET_KEY=<sentry-secret-key>' >> .env
docker-compose restart sentry
docker-compose exec sentry sentry upgrade
<create an admin user here>