27 Commits (c75601dad40a58e0523f27f58def8c5c3866c15e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  aeris c75601dad4 Handle corner cases during protocol error 3 years ago
  aeris 366a078dee Manage host 3 years ago
  aeris c64c154b50 Move checks in children again 3 years ago
  aeris 5e1715b0fc Remove Statused class 3 years ago
  aeris 2105242e0a Move TLS engine outside server 3 years ago
  aeris 416737d33c Move checks from grade to server/cert/key/dh 3 years ago
  aeris 13fa9541d6 Better way to manage status 3 years ago
  aeris 4d90d2e643 Better curve detection, detecting new corner case when server preference enforced 3 years ago
  aeris e28b857213 Certificate trust chain check 3 years ago
  aeris f1860ab3ed Refactor TLS server 3 years ago
  aeris a8057ce1ec Raise non TLS exception to help debug 3 years ago
  aeris d0160f1067 Status helper 3 years ago
  aeris 0f45195170 Remove trailing score 4 years ago
  aeris 4d3e52a188 Fix error when multiple server results 4 years ago
  Aeris c34802c7ec Better error handling 4 years ago
  Aeris 5aa9a975fe More unit tests (HTTPS) 4 years ago
  Aeris a2c38b05b0 Unit tests 4 years ago
  Aeris c1499fc6e6 Move up host resolving for speed ehanchement 4 years ago
  Aeris 2b19052c0c Don’t use net-ssh to (not) ensure server compatibility 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 67b2654e22 Refactoring for usage on RoR application 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 7753d023a2 Display DH parameter size 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 4fa9497a0d Refactor logging 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 340c4a445d Some fixes 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 0559ed0597 TCP/UDP client 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 37acf426ab Fix XMPP 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 6a5f1747f2 XMPP TLS check 5 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 777d220b28 Prepare for stuff outside HTTPS 5 years ago