35 Commits (b83cda618a3dbf3a1d9010f39005b187c7ae9aab)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  aeris 2ca1b83afc Fix faketime for tests 1 year ago
  aeris e1079d05f4 Tests for states in case of no check at all 2 years ago
  aeris 5c7b9e7a37 Fix grades 2 years ago
  aeris 34cc29b2a5 Restore status unit tests 2 years ago
  aeris 2b8f102bb5 Refactor checks & states 2 years ago
  aeris c75601dad4 Handle corner cases during protocol error 2 years ago
  aeris d49fb23e25 Fix unit tests 2 years ago
  aeris 26cd78912c No more here 2 years ago
  aeris 0a980f17ec Refactor unit tests chain load 2 years ago
  aeris 9738cb65db Unit tests server port conflict with manual tests one 2 years ago
  aeris 5e1715b0fc Remove Statused class 2 years ago
  aeris 13fa9541d6 Better way to manage status 2 years ago
  aeris c1241eae97 Test supported ciphers 2 years ago
  aeris 318356c9ec Manage SSLv2 2 years ago
  aeris 5950312ef5 Clean unit tests 2 years ago
  aeris ba1f0e7c34 Tests for supported methods 2 years ago
  aeris 5976e801d8 On SSLv2, peer chain is nil and not [] 2 years ago
  aeris 15f8574213 Fix curves preference detection 2 years ago
  aeris 9dbaedcb10 More tests 2 years ago
  aeris 41c6f85a5d Better faketime 2 years ago
  aeris ef0834900f Test cert signature for server 2 years ago
  aeris 550171862a Fake time for tests 2 years ago
  aeris 9abcc3365a Generate crypto material for tests 2 years ago
  aeris e28b857213 Certificate trust chain check 2 years ago
  aeris 845626ee45 Refactor some checks 2 years ago
  aeris d0160f1067 Status helper 2 years ago
  aeris 52a19f8c35 TLS server for testing 2 years ago
  aeris b5e828a139 Fix test for ECDH curves 2 years ago
  Aeris 41cdbaa83f More unit tests (SMTP) 3 years ago
  Aeris f1c14eef39 More unit tests (XMPP) 3 years ago
  Aeris 5aa9a975fe More unit tests (HTTPS) 3 years ago
  Aeris a2c38b05b0 Unit tests 3 years ago
  Aeris cf9a606a72 Remove old test resources 4 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot 777d220b28 Prepare for stuff outside HTTPS 4 years ago
  Nicolas Vinot f9f6645aa6 Initial commit 4 years ago