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require 'simpleidn'
require 'cryptcheck'
class HTTPSWorker
include Sidekiq::Worker
sidekiq_options retry: false
def key_to_json(key)
key.nil? ? nil : { type: key.type, size: key.size, rsa_size: key.rsa_equivalent_size }
def perform(host)
idn = SimpleIDN.to_ascii host
result = begin
server = idn
grade = server
key: key_to_json(server.key),
dh: server.dh.collect { |k| key_to_json k },
protocols: server.supported_protocols,
ciphers: server.supported_ciphers.collect { |c| { protocol: c.protocol, name:, size: c.size, dh: key_to_json(c.dh) } },
hsts: server.hsts,
score: {
rank: grade.grade,
details: {
score: grade.score,
protocol: grade.protocol_score,
key_exchange: grade.key_exchange_score,
cipher_strengths: grade.cipher_strengths_score
error: grade.error,
warning: grade.warning,
success: grade.success
rescue CryptCheck::Tls::Server::TLSNotAvailableException
{ no_tls: true }
end :https, host, result