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<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<table class="table table-bordered table-condensed table-striped center col-sm-12">
<th rowspan="2"><%= t 'Name' %></th>
<th rowspan="2"><%= t 'Key exchange' %></th>
<th rowspan="2"><%= t 'Authentication' %></th>
<th colspan="4"><%= t 'Encryption' %></th>
<th colspan="2"><%= t 'MAC' %></th>
<th rowspan="2"><%= t 'PFS' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Type' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Key size' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Block size' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Mode' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Type' %></th>
<th><%= t 'Size' %></th>
<% CryptCheck::Tls::Cipher.list.each do |cipher|
params = cipher.params
kex = params[:kex]
auth = params[:auth]
enc = params[:enc]
mac = params[:mac]
pfs = params[:pfs]
<th><%= cipher_name_label cipher %></th>
<%= cipher_kex_type_cell kex&.first %>
<%= cipher_auth_type_cell auth&.first %>
<%= cipher_enc_type_cell enc&.first %>
<%= cipher_enc_key_size_cell enc&.[] 1 %>
<%= cipher_enc_block_size_cell enc&.[] 2 %>
<%= cipher_enc_mode_cell enc&.last %>
<%= cipher_mac_type_cell mac&.first %>
<%= cipher_mac_size_cell mac&.last %>
<%= cipher_pfs_cell pfs %>
<% end %>