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  1. en:
  2. User agent compatibility: User agent compatibility
  3. Supported cipher suites: Supported cipher suites
  4. Cipher suite: Cipher suite
  5. "Cipher suite:": "Cipher suite:"
  6. Check This domain: Check This domain
  7. Check This SSH server: Check This SSH server
  8. Check This SMTP server: Check This SMTP server
  9. Test me!: Test me!
  10. Currently analysing %{host}: Currently analysing %{host}
  11. "Start of analysis: %{date}": "Start of analysis: %{date}"
  12. Please wait…: Please wait…
  13. This page refreshes automatically every 10 seconds: This page refreshes automatically every 10 seconds
  14. "Error during analysis:": "Error during analysis:"
  15. Refresh: Refresh
  16. Protocol: Protocol
  17. Protocols: Protocols
  18. Keys: Keys
  19. Key exchange: Key exchange
  20. Cipher: Cipher
  21. Overall: Overall
  22. "Certificates:": "Certificats:"
  23. Good practices: Good practices
  24. Warning: Warning
  25. Critical: Critical
  26. Fatal: Fatal
  27. User agent: User agent
  28. Name: Name
  29. Authentication: Authentication
  30. Encryption: Encryption
  31. Compression: Compression
  32. MAC: MAC
  33. HMAC: HMAC
  34. PFS: PFS
  35. Mode: Mode
  36. Type: Type
  37. Key size: Key size
  38. Block size: Block size
  39. Size: Size
  40. Status: Status
  41. Not supported: Not supported
  42. "Serial: %{serial}": "Serial: %{serial}"
  43. alert:
  44. critical:
  45. sslv2: This server supports SSLv2
  46. sslv3: This server supports SSLv3
  47. dh: This server supports very weak DH parameters
  48. anonymous: This server supports anonymous ciphers
  49. "null": This server supports NULL ciphers
  50. export: This server supports EXPORT ciphers
  51. des: This server supports DES ciphers
  52. md5: This server supports MD5 ciphers
  53. rc4: This server supports RC4 ciphers
  54. sweet32: This server is vulnerable to Sweet32 attack
  55. error:
  56. dh: This server supports weak DH parameters
  57. tlsv1_0: This server supports TLSv1.0
  58. pfs: This server supports no-PFS ciphers
  59. warning:
  60. tlsv1_1: This server supports TLSv1.1
  61. dhe: This server supports DHE ciphers
  62. hsts: This server doesn't support HSTS
  63. good:
  64. hsts: This server supports HSTS
  65. fallback_scsv: This server supports SCSV fallback
  66. aead: This server supports AEAD ciphers
  67. best:
  68. great:
  69. hsts: This server supports HSTS with long duration