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FROM aeris/cryptcheck AS builder
RUN apk add --update make gcc g++ libxml2-dev yaml-dev zlib-dev nodejs
WORKDIR /cryptcheck-rails/
COPY . /cryptcheck-rails/
RUN sed -i "/'therubyracer'/d" Gemfile && \
sed -i "/^ therubyracer$/d" Gemfile.lock && \
bundle config --local local.cryptcheck ../cryptcheck && \
bundle install --deployment --without test development && \
RAILS_ENV=assets bundle exec rails assets:precompile && \
rm -rf vendor/bundle && \
RAILS_ENV=production bundle install --deployment --without test development
FROM aeris/cryptcheck AS frontend
ENV RAILS_ENV=production
WORKDIR /cryptcheck-rails/
COPY --from=builder /cryptcheck-rails/ /cryptcheck-rails/