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Norore c117131411 Statistics pages 10 months ago
aeris 4d9ce2f89f TXT DNS entry to control refresh duration 10 months ago
aeris 089a3b98be Hall of (flame|shame) 11 months ago
aeris a1a7f4ce95 Remove Matomo 1 year ago
aeris ae0223186c Simplify routes 1 year ago
aeris 54a7edd061 Split workers & use workflows 1 year ago
aeris d4be6af200 Upgrade to Rails 7.2 1 year ago
aeris eb566740ef Matomo integration 3 years ago
aeris 0baa162d7b Simplify puma config 4 years ago
aeris d3c77b738a Enable Sidekiq UI on development 4 years ago
aeris cb5ec30587 Missing translations 4 years ago
aeris 581ad7c6a3 Clean config & sentry 4 years ago
aeris 3b24de0bf9 Migrate from MongoDB to PostgreSQL 4 years ago
aeris 3997ef769e Readme 5 years ago
aeris ce09988973 Dockerization 6 years ago
aeris 4356d4d761 Help & about 6 years ago
aeris 5955667df0 New version 6 years ago
aeris 5a024333c8 Sidekiq configuration 6 years ago
aeris 6ffc42d08a Puma config for production 6 years ago
aeris de685b1757 Mongoid integration 6 years ago
aeris e232e9f405 Better with YAML 6 years ago
aeris 62b9bfb07c Please… Help ! 6 years ago
aeris 5f144af234 Deeply OpenStruct for better views 6 years ago
aeris 2dbf35b75f Configuration file for sidekiq 6 years ago
aeris 4a8876214c Upgrade user agents 6 years ago
aeris 6957016f70 Missing translation 7 years ago
Aeris 5422ece4fd Fix i18n 7 years ago
Aeris 066076721a Fix i18n 7 years ago
Aeris 2f554e2ed1 Enable DE langage 7 years ago
Leon Klingele ef40eb0ecb Add German translation 7 years ago
Aeris 5bce485c76 i18n & l10n 7 years ago
Aeris e17e793070 Use custom OpenSSL instead of system lib 7 years ago
Aeris 18c204509f Flash must die… 7 years ago
Aeris c5d53ceda8 Move lib class in /app instead of /lib 7 years ago
Aeris 0fc57058d1 Allow passing cipher suite on URL instead of POST only 7 years ago
Aeris f3ce50d1d4 Display timezone on reports 7 years ago
Aeris 9c93fbf5e2 Use official SSLLabs API to fetch user-agent support 7 years ago
Aeris 018f2ba6f5 User agents compatibility from cipher suite 8 years ago
Aeris 81e2bcc3b1 Remove javascript 8 years ago
Aeris 1043ad3e29 Generic TLS checker 8 years ago
Aeris 427b966e1d Homogenize colors 8 years ago
Aeris ac60a22f86 Remove global helpers 8 years ago
Aeris 02e6367d17 SSH support 8 years ago
Aeris 11c86006b7 Check for SMTP and XMPP too 8 years ago
Nicolas Vinot 97c46bea93 Initial commit 8 years ago