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  1. # Mastodon to Twitter bot
  2. This gem uses the Mastodon stream API to replicate your toot on Twitter, handling the "500 to 140 characters limit" conversion.
  3. I advice you to use [rbenv]( to manage your Ruby environment to not mess up your system.
  4. To use it:
  5. * Clone this repository somewhere (`git clone`)
  6. * Install dependencies with Bundler (`bundler install`)
  7. * Create a `$HOME/.config/cross-post/config.yml` configuration file, based on the example available [here](
  8. * Register the app on Twitter (`bundle exec bin/twitter-register`)
  9. * You can reuse my Twitter app OAuth credentials, or register a new app from scratch [here](
  10. * Register the app on Mastodon (`bundle exec bin/mastodon-register`)
  11. * You need to change the consumer key and secret to whaveter your instance have for this app. See with your instance admin for real values.
  12. * If your instance currently doesn't support this app, just remove the consumer part, registration process will create a new app on your instance.
  13. * Start the replication (`bundle exec bin/feed-twitter`)
  14. * Enjoy
  15. If needed, a SystemD unit example is available [here](