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Alice is a tool to monitor changes on websites.

It's a Ruby on Rails application, using PostgreSQL for storage.

Website to monitor can be configured to check only part of the content, based on text search or CSS selector.

It was initially developped to help Projet Arcadie to track declaration of assets or parliamentary assistants of French politicians.

It's released under AGPLv3 license.

You can see a demo in action here.


It's just a plain old RoR application, so standard RoR deployment 😊


	export RAILS_ENV=production
	rails assets:precompile
	rails db:migrate
	rails server

You also need to setup a daily cron on ./bin/cli.rb check

Config modifications are restricted to admin people by a password protection. So you need to set environment variable with admin username (LOGIN_USERNAME) and password (LOGIN_PASSWORD). You can do this on the .env.production file (managed by dotenv-rails).


Favicon is made by Pixel Perfect and released under Flaticon Basic License

We use BrowserStack for UI testing on different browsers and devices.