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2 years ago
  1. # Alice
  2. Alice is a tool to monitor changes on websites.
  3. It's a [Ruby on Rails](https://rubyonrails.org/) application, using [PostgreSQL](https://www.postgresql.org/) for storage.
  4. Website to monitor can be configured to check only part of the content, based on text search or CSS selector.
  5. It was initially developped to help [Projet Arcadie](https://projetarcadie.com/) to track declaration of assets or parliamentary assistants of French politicians.
  6. It's released under [AGPLv3](https://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.en.html) license.
  7. You can see a demo in action [here](https://projet-alice-demo.herokuapp.com/diffs/).
  8. # Setup
  9. It's just a plain old RoR application, so standard RoR deployment 😊
  10. TLDR:
  11. ```
  12. export RAILS_ENV=production
  13. rails assets:precompile
  14. rails db:migrate
  15. rails server
  16. ```
  17. You also need to setup a daily cron on `./bin/cli.rb check`
  18. Config modifications are restricted to admin people by a password protection.
  19. So you need to set environment variable with admin username (`LOGIN_USERNAME`) and password (`LOGIN_PASSWORD`).
  20. You can do this on the `.env.production` file (managed by [`dotenv-rails`](https://github.com/bkeepers/dotenv)).
  21. # Contributors
  22. * [aeris](https://imirhil.fr/)
  23. * [norore](https://norore.fr/)
  24. Favicon is made by [Pixel Perfect](https://www.flaticon.com/authors/pixel-perfect) and released under [Flaticon Basic License](https://file000.flaticon.com/downloads/license/license.pdf)
  25. We use [![BrowserStack](https://i.imgur.com/ZQsHeQV.png)](https://www.browserstack.com/) for UI testing on different browsers and devices.